WWI, Reims Cathedral, Propaganda, 1914 - stock photo
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WWI, Reims Cathedral, Propaganda, 1914

Cartoon of Rheims Cathedral (banner reading Kultur Krupp) drawn during WWI by artist Albert Robida. On September 4, 1914, a month after the beginning of WWI, the German army entered Reims. It was pushed back but it took refuge in the surrounding fortresses, and started bombardment. On September 20, 1914 the Notre-Dame de Reims (Our Lady of Reims) German shellfire burned, damaged and destroyed important parts of the cathedral. Scaffolding around the north tower caught fire, spreading the blaze to all parts of the carpentry superstructure. The lead of the roofs melted and poured through the stone gargoyles, destroying in turn the bishop's palace. Images of the cathedral in ruins were used during the war as propaganda images by the French against the Germans and their deliberate destruction of buildings rich in national and cultural heritage. Bain News Service, 1914-15.

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