Woman with cell phone picture of mouth - stock photo
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Woman with cell phone picture of mouth

Cultura RM / David Prinz

4600 x 4174 pixels

Print Size @ 300 dpi
15 x 14 inches / 39 x 35 cm

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20, 20-25, 25-29 years, absurd, absurdness, adult, adults, arm, arms, arms raised, arms up, beings, bored, boredom, boring, brown hair, brunette, brunettes, camera, camera phone, cameras, caucasian, caucasians, cell, cell phone, cell phones, cellphone, cellular, cellular phone, cellular phones, cellulars, close up, close ups, close-up, closeup, closeups, color, color image, colored, colors, colour, coloured, colours, concept, concepts, connect, connected, connecting, connection, connects, connexion, connexions, emotion, expression, female, females, fool, fooled, fooling, foolish, foolishness, fools, frown, frowned, frowning, frowns, gal, gals, goofy, grimace, grimaced, grimaces, grimacing, hair, head & shoulders, head and shoulders, held, hold, holding, holds, horizontal, horizontally, horizontals, human, human being, humans, join, joined, joining, joins, jollied, jollies, jolly, ladies, lady, lively, long, long hair, looking at camera, making a face, mischief, mischievious, mischievous, mixed race people, mixed race person, mobile, mobile phone, mobiles, mouth, obscured face, obscured faces, one, one person, people, person, persons, phone, phones, photographed, photographic, photographing, photography, picture, playful, playfulness, portrait, portraits, portraiture, pose, posed, poses, posing, raise, raised, raises, raising, ridiculous, ridiculously, ridiculousness, silliness, silly, single object, smartphone, studio, studio shot, studios, technical, technological, technologies, technology, telephone, telephones, twenties, twenty, up, wacky, western european, whimsical, whimsy, white background, white backgrounds, woman, women, young adult, young adults, young women, 20 30, 20s, 25 30