View of the riverside elevation of the Adelphi - stock photo
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View of the riverside elevation of the Adelphi

View of the riverside elevation of the Adelphi, seen from the south in the Victoria Embankment Gardens. Exterior view of the Adelphi, a steel-framed building with Portland stone cladding on its riverside elevation. The land-facing side is clad with Portland stone and buff brick. The image has been taken from Victoria Wmbankment Gardens, south of the Adelphi terrace, with a bandstand in the foreground on the left and people in the park in the distance. Part of the lower section of the Adelphi is obscured by trees from the park, including four huge sculptures of allegorical figures, which represent Dawn (by Bainbridge Copnall), Contemplation (by Arthur J. Ayres), Inspiration (by Gilbert Ledward), and Night (by Donald Gilbert). The office building was constructed between 1936-38 by Stanley Hamp, from the firm Colcutt and Hamp, and the architectural style is considered to be either Moern or Art Deco.

Mary Evans

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