Ultrasound of Fetus - stock photo
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Ultrasound of Fetus

Ultrasound showing the side-view of a fetus. Ultrasound is a non-invasive, safe method to look at the unborn fetus to check that the baby is developing normally. The newest ultrasound equipment is very advanced and provides clear images of the fetus's anatomy. In this case you are looking at a 3rd trimester fetus from the side. The babies arm and hand is held up towards the babies face. The profile of the head is seen with the contours of the face including the nose, chin and forehead. To your right is the babies thigh, knee and a small portion of the lower leg. The amniotic fluid (dark) around the baby provides a nice 'acoustic window' through which the ultrasound is easily transmitted to the fetus and returns to the ultrasound probe to generate an image.

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