Stage Golfing Society dinner dance by Hynes - stock photo
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Stage Golfing Society dinner dance by Hynes

Brilliant cartoon by Hynes depicting in caricature members of the Stage Golfing Society at a dinner dance held at the Savoy Hotel in January 1928. From left to right at the back: Mr R. H. Gillespie, Sir Francis Towle and Miss Edna Best, Mr Frank Boor (manager of the London Hippodrome) with a disconcerted looking Gwen Farrar. In centure, Mr Franklyn Dyall and Miss Mary Merrill, Sir Gerald du Maurier and Miss Tallulah Bankhead, Mr Jack Smith and Miss Peggy O'Neil. Below: Mr Ernest Truex and Miss Vera Lennox, Mr A. W. Baskcomb and Miss Sylvia Leslie.

Mary Evans

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