South bank of the River Tyne - stock photo
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South bank of the River Tyne

A general view, taken from an elevation position on the south bank of the River Tyne and showing the Swing Bridge, Tyne Bridge and All Saints Church Swing Bridge is a pedestrian and road bridge that was built between 1868 and 1876 on the site of previous Roman and Medieval bridges. It has six spans: two over the land, two over the river and two over the rotating section. A central pier supports the swinging section, which is around 86 metres long on a pivot with roller bearings, and was originally powered by hydraulic motors. It is now powered with electricity. The Tyne Bridge in the background was built between 1925 and 1928, constructed by Dorman, Long & Co, and designed by engineers Mott, Hay and Anderson, and the towers by Robert Burns Dick. It has a single steel arch which spans the river with a suspended deck supported by pylons at either end. The steel and concrete towers are clad with granite, and the bridge parapet is cast iron. All Saints Church was built between 1786 and 1796 by David Stephenson, deconsecrated in 1961 and since used as a concert hall, urban studies centre and place of worship for other faiths. It has a south porch with four stage tower, flanked by a vestry and south chapel. To the north is an oval nave with the east-west direction laid out by the apses on either side.

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