Prague, February 1948, Communist demonstration, Soviet flag - stock photo
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Prague, February 1948, Communist demonstration, Soviet flag

Czechoslovakia, after the Communist putsch in February 1948 Democracy vanished and a totalitarian system lasting more than 40 years was established. Communist Party of Czechoslovakia unleashed a terror campaign against the would be reactionaries and brought fear to the general population. It illegaly established armed workers militia, later renamed "People´s Militia." On the 25th of February Klement Gottwald announced on Wenceslas Square that President Edvard Benes, under enormous pressure fom the Communists, accepted the resignation. Gottwald also announced the members of the new government. And years of darkness and uncertainity followed. Photo: On February 24th people carry Soviet and Czechoslovak flags. CTK Vintage Photo , Prague, Czechoslovakia

CTK Historical / Bohuslav Parbus

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