Portrait of the ‘Deventer’, viewed from the starboard quarter - stock photo
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Portrait of the ‘Deventer’, viewed from the starboard quarter

On the tafferel, two shields, the dexter one bearing a spreadeagle for Deventer, the sinister one blank except for a wavy line in pen and ink; presumably it had the arms of Overijssel, a lion rampant on a bar wavy. Both shields surmounted by a helmet and crown and with two men in armour holding pikes as supporters. On the rail above, figures of Neptune and Tethys standing between sealions and seahorses. The penwork has been rather crudely done and may not be by the Younger. The ‘Deventer’ was built in 1665, 60 guns. She must have been one of the first ships built by the Dutch with a double moulding or ‘slingerlijst’ across the stern; the feature became common after 1666. She was wrecked in 1673.

National Maritime Museum London UK / Willem van de Velde the Younger

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