political trial, Milada Horakova, show trial - stock photo
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political trial, Milada Horakova, show trial

Czechoslovakia, Prague - 1950. Show trial of "Milada Horakova and company" (12 others). Firearms, ammunition and swastika were items among planted evidence the Communists used against innocent citizens. The fact that five of the accused - Milada Horakova, Kleinerova, Nestaval, Peska and Dundr were interned in concentration camps for their anti fascist activities did not help their cause and they were tried in a show trial on trumped up charges. Interrogation were conducted according to Soviet advisers and psychological and physical torture was used on all prisoners. Despite protests by Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Eleanor Roosevelt and many others Milada Horakova, mother of a 16 year old daughter, was executed by hanging on June 27, 1950. Altogether 639 Czechoslovak citizens were tried in similar show trials and 10 of them received death penalty. CTK Vintage Photo, Prague, Czechoslovakia

CTK Historical / Rostislav Novak

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