NYC, Wall Street Bombing, 1920 - stock photo
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NYC, Wall Street Bombing, 1920

Entitled: "Anarchist bombings, New York City." On September 16, 1920, a horse drawn wagon stopped across the street from the headquarters of the J.P. Morgan bank at 23 Wall Street. Inside the wagon, 100 lbs of dynamite with 500 lbs of cast-iron sash weights exploded in a timer-set detonation. The horse and wagon were blasted into small fragments, but the driver was believed to have left the vehicle and escaped. The 38 victims, most of whom died within moments of the blast, were mostly young people who worked as messengers, stenographers, clerks, and brokers. The bomb caused more than $2 million in property damage ($23,500,000 with inflation) and destroyed most of the interior spaces of the Morgan building. There were 143 seriously injured, and the total number of injured was in the hundreds. The bombing was never solved, although investigators and historians believe the Wall Street bombing was carried out by Italian anarchists, a group responsible for a series of bombings the previous year. Photographed by Bain News Service, 1920.

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