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Major Movie Star (2008)

Jessica Simpson Characters: Private Megan Valentine Film: Major Movie Star (2008) Director: Steve Miner 07 November 2008 ARLINGTON, Va. (Army News Service, March 12, 2008) -- Singer-actress Jessica Simpson may not be a major movie star yet, but troops in Kuwait flocked to see her latest film, 'Major Movie Star,' when a free screening was offered Monday at Camp Buehring. The movie was shown in conjunction with a 'MySpace' concert in which Simpson appeared live to entertain 5,000 servicemembers, but a date for release of her film in the states has not yet been confirmed, according to Lt. Col. Paul Sinor, the Army's liaison to the film industry, from the Los Angeles Branch, Office of the Chief of Public Affairs. Jessica Simpson, as Pvt Valentine, graduates basic training in this screen shot from her new film 'Major Movie Star.' Photo by Courtesy

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