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Leslie Groves, U.S. Army Officer

Lieutenant General Leslie Richard Groves, Jr. (August 17, 1896 - July 13, 1970) was a US Army Corps of Engineers officer who oversaw construction of the Pentagon and directed the Manhattan Project that developed the atomic bomb during WWII. He made critical decisions on the various methods of isotope separation, acquired raw materials, directed the collection of military intelligence on the German nuclear energy project and helped select the cities in Japan that were chosen as targets. After the war, he remained in charge of the Manhattan Project until responsibility for nuclear weapons production was handed over to the US Atomic Energy Commission in 1947. He then headed the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project, which had been created to control the military aspects of nuclear weapons. Groves realized that in the rapidly shrinking postwar military he would not be given any assignment approaching in importance the one he had held in the Manhattan Project, and he retired from the Army in 1948. He went on to become a vice president at Sperry Rand, an equipment and electronics firm. Groves suffered a heart attack caused by chronic calcification of the aortic valve on July 13, 1970. He was rushed to Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where he died that night, at the age of 73.

Science Source / Los Alamos National Laboratory

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