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Indiana Jones 4 (2008)

Shia Labeouf, Steven Spielberg, Ray Winstone, Karen Allen & Harrison Ford Characters: Mutt Williams,,'Mac' George Michale,Marion Ravenwood & Indiana Jones Film: Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull; Indiana Jones 4 (USA 2008) Director: Steven Spielberg 18 May 2008 From left to right, actor Shia LaBeouf, director Steven Spielberg, and actors Ray Winstone, Karen Allen and Harrison Ford greet fans at Comic-Con International from the set of the new 'Indiana Jones' movie on Thursday, July 26, 2007. The upcoming 'Indiana Jones' adventure is a Lucasfilm Ltd. production and is being distributed by Paramount Pictures. Frank Marshall returns as producer, with Kathleen Kennedy joining George Lucas as executive producer. It is planned for worldwide release on May 22, 2008. Breaking news about the new 'Indiana Jones' movie can be found at

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