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Human Embryo, Cranial Nerves

Cranial nerves of human embryo, 10.2 mm. long. cranial nerves are indicated by Roman , the spinal by Arabic numerals. c.h, cerebral hemisphere; th, thalamencephalon; m.b, mid-brain; Mx, maxillary process; Mn, mandibular arch; Hy, hyoid arch; the facial nerve is seen to send a branch (chorda tympani) across the hyomandibular cleft; G.g, gasserian ganglion; c.g, ciliary ganglion; v, vestibular, and c, cochlear part of auditory; g.p, ganglion petroleum of glosso-pharyngeal; g.j, ganglion jugular of vagus; an anastomosis is seen between these;, ganglion trunci of vagus; F, ganglion described by Froriep as belonging to the hypoglassal; r.d, ramus descendums go hypoglossal; to, otic vesicle. The eye is also represented, and part of the heart. The Jones Quain (November, 1796 - January 31, 1865) was an Irish anatomist, professor of Anatomy and Physiology in the University of London, and author of Elements of Anatomy. The first edition was published in 1828 and it quickly became a standard text-book in English-speaking countries. 10th edition, 1896.

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