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Human Embryo, 3 Weeks

Profile view of a human embryo, 3 weeks, showing all the cephalic visceral arches and clefts. mx, maxillary process; mn, mandibular arch; d.C, duct of Cuvier; jv, jugular vein; c.v, cardinal vein; v.v, vitelline vein; u.v, umbilical vein; u.a, umbilical artery; all, allantois; pl, placental attachment of allantoic stalk; olf, olfactory depression; ot, otic vesicle. Jones Quain (November, 1796 - January 31, 1865) was an Irish anatomist, professor of Anatomy and Physiology in the University of London, and author of Elements of Anatomy. The first edition was published in 1828 and it quickly became a standard text-book in English-speaking countries. 10th edition, 1896.

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