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General George Washington of the Continental Army

Entitled: "His excellency George Washington Esq'r. captain general of all the American forces" shows Washington, wearing military uniform, gesturing with right hand holding a swagger stick, left hand resting on cannon barrel, military camp in the background. George Washington (February 22, 1732 - December 14, 1799) was the first President of the USA, from 1789-97, and dominant military and political leader 1775-99. He was one of the Founding Fathers and hailed as "father of his country" even during his lifetime. He led the American victory over Great Britain in the American Revolutionary War as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army from 1775-83. He presided over the convention that drafted the US Constitution, which replaced the Articles of Confederation and which remains the supreme law of the land. Washington became the first president by unanimous choice, and oversaw the creation of a strong, well-financed national government that maintained neutrality in the wars raging in Europe, suppressed rebellion and won acceptance among Americans of all types. His leadership style established many forms and rituals of government that have been used since, such as using a cabinet system and delivering an inaugural address. Washington died in 1799 at the age of 67. He was eulogized as "first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen" by Henry Lee. Printed for R. Faulder, bookseller, 1780.

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