Fireball XL5 hybrid puppet, c 1962 - stock photo
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Fireball XL5 hybrid puppet, c 1962

This is a hybrid puppet made from two creatures that featured in the television series Fireball XL5: the head of a Subterranean is on the body of an Aquaphibean. Fireball XL5 which was shown on ITV from 1962-1963. It was an early production by husband-and-wife team, Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and their company AP films, using their Supermarionation puppet technique (by which the puppets' mouths were synchronised with the dialogue by an electric signal). Set 100 years in the future, in 2062/63, the series followed the intereplanetary adventures of the spaceship Fireball XL5, commanded by Colonel Steve Zodiac of the World Space Patrol. Also on board were navigator and scientist Professor Matthew Matic, glamorous doctor Venus, and co-pilot Robert the Robot.

National Media Museum London UK

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