Dinner given by Alexander Duckham at the Savoy Hotel - stock photo
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Dinner given by Alexander Duckham at the Savoy Hotel

Dinner given by Alexander Duckham at the Savoy Hotel honouring Louis Blériot on the 25th anniversary of his cross-Channel flight. 25 July 1934. Table 2: Sir Alan Anderson, Capt J. Gordes, Mrs J.E. Duckham, Mrs C.H. Queen, Sqn Ldr de Haga Haig, G.P. Olley, Flt Lt K.O. Prestor and Sir Alliot Verdon Roe. Table 4: Marquis of Clydesdale, G.M. Cox, J.E. Duckham, Capt A.G. Longdon, Capt N. Yachlan, Rev D. Robins, Mme Albert Siret and L.A. Winefield. Table 6: R. Beaumont, Dr A. Penrhyn Bowdler, Sir Christopher Bullock, Major F.T. Digby, E.H. Lawford, Mme Andre Rubel, Lord Sempill, Capt R.P. Stocker and C.A. Wingfield. Table 1: Alexander Duckham, Louis Blériot, Mme Blériot, Miss J. Duckham, C.R. fairey, E.F. Gwent, Marquis of Londonderry, AM Sir John Salmond, Lt Col Shelmerdine and Sir Arthur Whitten Brown. Table 3: Duchess of Bedford, Miss N. Blériot, F.W. Duckham, Lt F.M. Findlay, Lt Col Moore Brabazon, A.M. Smith and F.M. Stewart. Table 5: H. Holden, J. Jeffs, Flt Lt H.E. Jenkins, Capt O.P. Jones, Mme Jean Lassalle, A.F. Sidgreaves and T.O.M. Sopwith. The names were copied from the back of the badly damaged frame. The framed picture was donated by the Jeffs family.

Mary Evans / The Royal Aeronautical Society (National Aerospace Library)

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