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Cracker (2006)

Nisha Nayar & Rafe Spall Television: Cracker; Cracker: Nine Eleven (TV-Film) Uk 2006, Director: Antonia Bird 20 June 2006 Fitz returns to Manchester for his daughterÔÇÖs wedding and finds it utterly transformed. Gone are the shabby, familiar haunts, replaced by monuments to onward urban renewal. He finds this world alien and unsympathetic, so catching sight of the blue and white plastic tapes indicating a police incident comes like manna from heaven - a drink to an alcoholic. It becomes a matter of life and death to Fitz to prove to his family and to himself that his powers remain undimmed. Kenny, like Fitz, is trapped in the past and finds the ghost and nightmares of that past crowding in on him. Memories give him no comfort and the demons he has kept at bay by devoting his life to his work as a policeman and devoted father, start to overwhelm him. Fitz is alone in understanding KennyÔÇÖs despair and becomes the focus and partner in an obsessive and tragic dance of death.

Mary Evans

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