Car salesmen standing on a ladder, 5 August 1966. - stock photo
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Car salesmen standing on a ladder, 5 August 1966.

'Tycoon Stanley Taylor wanted to make sure that his 80 salesmen could never forget the brand new car he was offering as an incentive bonus. So he hired a crane and hoisted it onto the roof of his office block in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent. Now his men just can't get the 550 pound Mini off their minds, for when they collect their pay on the third floor, it faces them across the street; it is even floodlit at night. 'We hoped it would induce them to make a real spurt in these squeezing times, and it has worked,' 45-year-old accounts manager Mr Kenneth Wright said yesterday. 'In the last 6 weeks, 70 per cent of sales staff have increased their turnovers.''

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