British Mission Party, 1945 - stock photo
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British Mission Party, 1945

British Mission Party, Birth of the Atomic Age. The Tube Alloys was a codename of the clandestine research and development program, authorized by the UK with participation from Canada, aiming to developed atomic weapons for Great Britain's nuclear program during WWII. The Tube Alloys program was the first nuclear weapons project of its type, and was eventually subsumed into the US-led Manhattan Project. The social triumph of the collaboration between the British and the Americans on the Manhattan Project was a celebratory party hosted by the British Mission. All aspects of the celebration had a properly British flavor: formal invitations, a footman to announce the arrival of the guests, an entree of steak-and-kidney pie, a dessert of trifle, and the best port for ceremonial toasts to the King, the President, and the Grand Alliance. The party took place at the Fuller Lodge on September 22nd, 1945.

Science Source / Los Alamos National Laboratory

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