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Breathing Equipment, 1900

Various devices have already been invented to provide rescue parties with pure air, thus enabling them to bring the victims safely into the open. The apparatus invented by Monsieur Vuaillet of Saint-Maurice in France, although simple in design, appears to be successful. It consists of a mouthpiece having two spigots to which long, India rubber tubes are connected: one for inhaling fresh air, the other for exhaling. Valves incorporated in the spigots ensure that the user receives an adequate supply of fresh air and the stale air evacuated. A whistle is attached to the exhaling spigot to be used by the rescuer for signaling purposes. Secured by a rubber band passing over the head, the apparatus, being only 40 grams in weight, does not impede the wearer's movements. Good results have been obtained with rubber tubes 100 feet in length. Nasal respiration is prevented by means of a clip placed on the nose.

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