Billie Burke wearing range of Dolly Tree creations - stock photo
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Billie Burke wearing range of Dolly Tree creations

Brown herringbone lightweight tweed was featured in a two-piece tailored suit (top left) designed by Dolly Tree for Billie Burke in Bridal Suite (1939). The yellow organdie blouse had straw pleated jabot and cuffs. The costume was completed with a brown straw hat that was shadowed by a flowered veiling and highlighted by a yellow feather and a shoulder cluster of wee, yellow daffodils. Centre: a pert sailor hat fashioned of lilies of the valley, a lingerie blouse with tucked butterfly jabots and a daffodil shoulder cluster accented her dressmaker suit of sheer navy woollen. The short open box jacket of the suit was collarless and had bracelet-length sleeves. Her ?shirtwaist and skirt? dinner frock (below left) was made of black taffeta and white mousseline and the jabot and cuffs of the blouse were fan pleated. To transform this frock into a theatre costume, a wee hat of carnations and black velvet (insert below left) was worn with a short fitted black taffeta jacket. Old Persian wealth was recalled in a dinner gown with black crepe skirt and brilliant green crepe jacket with all-over gold embroidery and emerald studding (below right). A tailored white fox jacket was worn with the gown. (below right insert).

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