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Model of the intern anatomy of the trunk of an asexual adult human body, face on. The thoracic organs (lungs and heart) are visible in the upper part of the picture. Their blood vascularization (arteries in red and veins in royal blue) and the bronchial branching (in white) are depicted. The esophagus (in reddish brown) emerges in the abdominal cavity, where the deep organs appear here because of the withdrawal of the liver and the gallblader. The bagpipe-shaped stomach (in pinkish beige) follows on from the esophagus and continues on the duodenum (situated deepest, in nude), first segment of the small intestine. A part of the peritoneum (in orange-yellow) covers the stomach base. Behind the curve of the stomach, a small portion of the pancreas appears (the head, in red). The spleen (in plum) is located laterally, against the abdominal wall. Removing liver, lying in the right upper area of the abdominal cavity, reveals the adrenal gland (in orange, in background), which is located on top of the kidney (in burgundy, discernible only in the right abdominal side). The large intestine (in brown) is composed of the ascending (in the right abdominal side), transverse (horizontally), descending (left abdominal side) and sigmoid (not visible here) colons. Three longitudinal muscle strips, the tenia coli (in red), are present on the transverse colon; they curled up the colon on itself to form bulges. The colon borders the numerous convolutions of the small intestine, which is made of the duodenum, the jejunum (in peach) and the ileum (in nude). The stump of the left thigh reveals blood and lymph circulations (vessels in white and nodes in yellow).


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