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Model of the intern anatomy of the trunk of an asexual adult human body, face on. At the thoracic level, the heart withdrawal makes visible the esophagus (in reddish brown) and the main lung bronchi (in light blue), coming down between both lungs (in intern views, in red). The esophagus emerges in the abdominal cavity, where the deep organs appear here because of the withdrawal of the digestive system (liver, gallblader, stomach, pancreas and intestines) and of the genital organs. A portion of the rectum (in brown) appears in frontal section under the sacral promontory (hip bone, pictured in beige). The spleen (in plum) is located sideways on the abdominal wall. The kidneys (in burgundy) are surmounted by the adrenal glands (in orange). The urine made by the kidneys is carried by the ureters (beige ducts) to the urinary bladder (shown in frontal section, in nude), lying in the pelvic cavity, where it is stored before being excreted. The right kidney is shown in frontal section, so that its intern anatomy is visible. The abdominal aorta (in red) divides into right and left common iliac arteries, then into external iliac arteries at the pelvis level to irrigate the lower limbs. In parallel, the external iliac veins (in royal blue), draining the lower limbs, empty into the common iliac veins, which join up to form the inferior vena cava carrying the deoxygenated blood towards the heart. The muscles (in reddish color) covering the abdominal wall appear in the background. The stump of the left thigh reveals blood and lymph circulations (vessels in white and nodes in yellow).


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