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Anatomical model showing the exterior of the human brain or encephalon (inferior view). (see the image 1141005 for a captionned version). The encephalon is composed of the diencephalon, covered by the cerebrum (flesh-colored). The cerebellum (in brown) and the brain stem (in white) lie under the cerebrum. The brain stem is connected to the spinal cord (in white). The brain is divided by a longitudinal fissure into two hemispheres, each of which is composed of four lobes - the frontal (anterior region, at the top of the picture), parietal (superior region), temporal (lateral region) and occipital (posterior region) lobes. The temporal lobe is bordered by the lateral sulcus. The cerebral cortex has a number of bumps or ridges, known as gyri, separated by folds known as sulci. Below the encephalon, the pituitary gland (in orange), synthesizes a number of hormones. The diencephalon, internal region of the encephalon, is composed of the thalamus, the hypothalamus, the epithalamus and the subthalamus. Above the brain stem is found the mamillary region, the posterior portion of the hypothalamus (in white), adjacent to the mesencephalon. The mamillary bodies (next to the pituitary gland) are two protuberances which serve to relay reflexes linked to olfaction. The brain stem (in white) is made up of the mesencephalon, followed by the pons and the medulla oblongata. The mesencephalon has two anterior bundles known as the cerebral peduncles, followed by the tegmentum mesencephalicum (region locatted just behind the pituitary gland). The pons links the different parts of the brain, including areas which regulate respiration. The medulla oblongata contains nerve fibers which connect the spinal cord directly to the brain. It is made up of small bulges, the olives are located lateral to the pyramids and contain nerve cell nuclei. The brain stem relays nerve impulses between the different parts of the brain and between the brain and the spinal cord, to which it is directly con...


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