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Anatomical model of the human brain or encephalon. This model presents the right hemisphere alone of the encephalon (following a medial cross-section), for which the frontal lobes (anterior region, to the left of the picture), parietal (superior region) have been removed. Thereby, the lower part of the image shows the encephalon in medial cross-section. The upper part represents the central structures of the encephalon (to the left of the picture) and the posterior region in transversal cross-section (to the right of the picture). (refering to the image 1141105 for a medial cross-section of the encephalon). The encephalon is composed of the diencephalon, covered by the cerebrum (flesh colored). The cerebellum (in brown) and the brain stem (in white, decribed on the image1141105). It comes out on the spinal cord, that transports the nervous influx through the whole body. The surface of the cerebral cortex has a number of bumps or ridges, known as gyri, separated by folds known as sulci. The brain is divided by the medial longitudinal fissure into two hemispheres, each hemisphere is composed of four lobes - the frontal (anterior region, to the left of the picture), parietal (superior region) temporal (lateral region), and occipital (posterior region) lobes. Within the encephalon, under the cerebral cortex, we can find central grey nuclei, masse of grey matter participating to the motricity control. The caudate nucleus (27, in blue-veined white) is one of the three main central grey nuclei ; it is the primary motor cortex- region for initiation of voluntary movement.Cerebrospinal fluid is produced in the choroid plexus, consisting of folds in the meninges (membranes enveloping the brain and the spinal cord) located on the inner walls of the ventricles ; the choroid plexus of the third cerebral ventricle (17, in pink) extends under the caudate nucleus and above the thalamus. On the right of the image, the fibrous structure of the encephalon is represented. It is co...


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