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Anatomic model of the blood and lymph circulations of the groin and the thigh of an asexual adult human body, face on. The stump of the left thigh reveals blood (arteries in red, veins in royal blue) and lymph circulations (vessels in white and nodes in yellow). The great saphenous vein, that drains the internal side of the thigh and the leg, as well as the groin and the external genital organs, empties into the common femoral vein at the groin level. It is supplied by the accessory saphenous veins. The common femoral vein also receives the deep and superficial femoral veins. All the femoral veins drain the blood of muscles of the anterior side of the thigh and the leg. At its abdominal entry point, above the inguinal ligament (in white), the common femoral vein forms the external iliac vein. The external iliac artery (in red) runs alongside the external iliac vein, and becomes the femoral artery at the groin level. The external iliac artery is lined by the genital vessels (artery and vein): ovarian in woman and testicular in man. In the groin area, the lymph circulation includes several deep inguinal lymph nodes (in yellow), which highest is known as the Cloquet's node. These nodes filter the lymph carried by the lymph vessels (in white), forming an arborization of capillaries in all the body.


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