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Model showing the internal anatomy of an adult human head and neck (partial 3/4 median cutaway view). The left side of the head is exposed to show its internal structure. The superficial arterial network of the brain is shown as well as a number of skull bones (in beige), including the frontal bone, which forms the forehead and the upper part of the orbit or eye socket, and the temporal bone, forming the temple. The eye, set in the orbit, is partially covered by the eyelid. The main tear-producing structure, the lacrymal gland (in orange), is located just above the outer corner of the eye. The facial architecture is made up of 14 bones, including the two maxillae which unite to form the upper jaw, the two palatine bones which form the palate, the mandible, forming the lower jaw, and the two inferior nasal conchae which make up part of the nasal fossa wall. The ethmoid bone forms two bony processes on each side of the nasal septum, known as the middle and superior nasal conchae. These three pair of nasal conchae serve to filter inhaled air and detect odor molecules. The removal of part of the bone and muscle of the face here makes it possible to view the internal facial structures. The mouth (buccal or oral cavity) is the uppermost extremity of the digestive system. Its movements are made using the orbicularis oris muscle of the lips (in red). The palate, forming the roof of the mouth, is divided into an anterior bony part, the hard palate, formed by the maxillae and the palatine bones, and a posterior fleshy area, the soft palate or velum, which ends at the back of the throat with the uvula, which rises and lowers to selectively close the passageway to the nose during swallowing and to the mouth during breathing. In the chin area, the salivary glands (submaxillary and sublingual) are visible, separated by the mylohyoid muscle for deglutition. Further behind, the styloglossus, stylohyoid and digastric muscles also participate in deglutition by lowering the jaw a...


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