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Model of the internal anatomy of an adult female pelvis (median section). The inner surface of the anterior pelvic wall (on the left of the picture) is covered by the superficial fascia including fat (in yellow). It is followed by the rectus abdominis muscle (in red), which is bordered by the white line, a thick aponeurosis membrane. The cavity of pelvis includes the internal genitalia (the uterus opens on the vagina, with an ovary visible in the background), the urinary bladder continuing with the urethra, the sigmoid colon and the rectum, terminal part of the large intestine opening on the anus. The ureter (in greenish yellow) carries the urine from the kidney to the bladder. The urinary bladder wall is mainly composed of the bladder muscle (in orange-red), the contraction of which enables urine evacuation through the urethra. This inner wall of the muscle is covered by a mucous membrane (in orange) with many folds. Located above the urinary bladder, the uterus is supported by several ligaments, among which the round ligament (in white) connecting the upper part of the body of uterus (the fundus) to the labia majora of the vulva, through the inguinal canal of the pelvic wall. The uterus includes three tissue layers: the perimetrium (peripheral, in white, derived from the peritoneum), the myometrium (middle layer with muscles, in red-orange) and the endometrium, covering the uterine cavity (in orange). The perimetrium extends anteriorly to cover the bladder while forming a pouch, the vesicouterine pouch, and posteriorly to cover the rectum, forming the pouch of Douglas. The cervix, lower part of the uterus, opens into the vagina; a pocket, the vaginal cuff, is also located here. The vaginal mucosa shows numerous folds, known as the vaginal rugae. The vestibule of the vagina leads to the outside through the ostium. The female genitalia include the pubis, protusion of fatty tissue covering the pubic symphysis (pelvic bone, bluish), the labia majora and minora of...


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