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Anatomic model of the human right eye (lateral view of a median section). The eyeball is composed of an outer fibrous coat, consisting of the sclera (a white opaque tunic) and, in front, the cornea, a transparent membrane allowing to focus the image. The middle vascular tunique, the uvea, consists anteriorly of the ciliary body (in red), muscle governing the shape of the lens, and the iris (in light blue), a group of muscles controling the opening of the pupil (black aperture). The retina (in purple) covers the inner wall of the eyeball; its vascularization can be investigated by an ophtalmoscope. The vitreous space has been withdrawn (see picture 1150405) in order to show the retinal pigment epithelium (in black) delimited by the ora serrata, the scalloped anterior margin of the retina. Leading at the optic disk level, the central artery (in red) and vein (in blue) of retina transit into the optic nerve (in white), transmitting the visual data to the brain. The inferior rectus muscle (in red) allow to lower the look.


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