An exterior view of All Saints' Church - stock photo
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An exterior view of All Saints' Church

An exterior view of All Saints' Church, seen from an elevated position on the south side of Pilgrim Street, showing the south entrance, tower and north apsidal end of the church. The church was built 1786-96 by David Stephenson to replace a medieval church. It is now used as an urban studies centre and concert hall. It has a doric portico over the entrance with pediment, and a south chapel and vestry on either side. The tower is positioned on the southern end, and has four stages with clock faces on each side, an open belfry above and a spire, some of which is not in the image. The northern end is oval, and has an east and west apse, which can just be seen in the image. In front of the church is Pilgrim Street, an old hall to the left, which has since been demolished, and the view is seen from a high vantage south of Pilgrim Street, possibly from a terrace or other past building which fronted the street. Much of the area has been redeveloped, and the area the photographer was in is now the location of Bede House.

Mary Evans

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