American Troops in the Republic of Congo - stock photo
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American Troops in the Republic of Congo

American troops unload a watertruck from a C-5 Galaxy airplane to help the stranded Rwandan refugees. Rwandan Hutu refugees who fled the Tutsi army with little more than the clothes on their back arrive to the Kibumba refugee camp located on the black lava rock of the Nyiragongo volcano. The poor homeless refugees who have walked for days with little to eat or drink are forced to sleep outdoors exposed to the elements. Many, weak from disease lay dead on the roadside wrapped in blankets. A Cholera epidemic killed thousands after the thristy refugees drank water from nearby lake Kivu. The biblical exodous from war torn Rwanda left millions displaced. Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo; August 8, 1994.

Science Source / Wesley Bocxe

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