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Allergy Development, illustration

An illustration of allergy sensitization, the process in which allergies develop after initial exposure to an antigen. In this example, the sting from a wasp exposes the body to antigens (green) which are absorbed by dendritic cells in the immune system. Dendritic cells act as antigen presenting cells, binding to T cells using MHC2, TCR, and CD4 receptors. Activated T cells differentiate into helper T cells, which release cytokines. Cytokines stimulate plasma cells to synthesize IgE antibodies that are specific to the foreign antigen. The IgE antibodies bind to mast cells in the immune system and circulate in the blood. During a future exposure, mast cells with IgE antibodies on it's surface bind to the antigens and release histamine, a chemical mediator that causes inflammation.

Science Source / Evan Oto

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