A ketch and two English ships in a breeze - stock photo
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A ketch and two English ships in a breeze

A ketch and two English ships in a breeze. In the left foreground, a port bow view of a ketch before the wind with only a clewed mainsail set. On the right, a two-decker under topsails before the wind, and close to starboard of her a three-decker, lee bow view, close-hauled on the port tack; the latter has a dark flag at the mizzen and a Union jack at the mizzen peak as a signal for ships to get into line-of-battle ahead. Rubbed on the back, an offset probably having been taken from it. The drawing of the ketch has been strengthened with pen and brown ink by the Younger and also the rakes of the topmasts and topgallantmasts of the ship on the right have been corrected, presumably when the inscription on the back was added in 1700. It is likely to have been made immediately following the battle of Schooneveld. The ketch is probably the one Van de Velde was during the battle.

National Maritime Museum London UK / Willem Van de Velde, the Elder

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