A black wool suit designed by Dolly Tree - stock photo
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A black wool suit designed by Dolly Tree

A black wool suit designed by Dolly Tree was worn by Rita Johnson in The Golden Fleecing (1940), The skirt was fitted at the hips, flared at the hem, and worn with a dressmaker jacket, slightly fitted. Buttoned from the Peter Pan collar to the waistline in piqu‚, it was accented in white linen crash. Her coachman?s hat was in black velour felt and she carried a white pouch bag, with white gloves and patent leather pumps. It was regarded as a ?two-faced? dress because it could be changed by discarding the white piqu‚ trim or by changing it around to a black trim rather than white. Rita Johnson also found that that dark colors accented in white was good for both winter and summer in on the West coast. For ladies on the East coast, she suggested trimming such a suit in bright warm colours such as cardinal or Kelly green. This type of suit was slightly dressier than the plaid tailored and was seen as practical for officewear but also appropriate for an important informal dinner date after work.

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