A fire in Oxford Street, London, 1897. - stock photo
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A fire in Oxford Street, London, 1897.

A photograph of a fire in Oxford Street, London, taken by George Davison [1854-1930] in 1897. Large crowds stand either side of the street to watch the blaze. A horse-drawn fire-engine stands in the middle of the street. This photograph was taken by George Davison from a window of the offices of the Eastman Photographic Material Company. The company changed its name to Kodak Limited in 1898. Davison took this photograph with a Folding Pocket Kodak camera, introduced in 1897. As assistant manager, and later managing director, of the Company, Davison used many of their products. George Davison was a noted pictorial photographer and a founder member of The Linked Ring in 1892.

National Media Museum London UK

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