The Hambro - Beaton wedding, 1934 - stock photo
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The Hambro - Beaton wedding, 1934

Page of photographs from The Sketch showing the marriage of Baba Beaton, sister of Cecil Beaton to Mr Robert Alexander (Alec) Hambro at St. Mark's Church, North Audley Street. Cecil Beaton designed the look of the wedding and he is pictured with the only bridesmaid, Miss Tess Chattock, who wearing a stunning dress of crimson velvet with a sumptuous bouquet of roses to match. Other personalities in attendance included Rex Whistler, Mrs Charles Sweeny, Lady Smiley (Nancy Beaton), Lord Berners, Mrs Reginald (Daisy) Fellowes, Lady Bridgett Poulett and Tilly Losch., source: Page in The Sketch, 14 November 1934

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