Suffragette Militant Arrested Mary Phillips - stock photo
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Suffragette Militant Arrested Mary Phillips

Suffragette Militant Arrested Mary Phillips. A woman, flanked by two policemen, with mounted officer in front, is led down a London Street. She has been identified as Mary Phillips (1880-1969) who joined Sylvia Pankhurst's East London Federation of Suffragettes in 1913. (one source dates this card to 1908 but the Rotary photo company's 'London Life' series issued 3 suffragette photographs at a later date) This probably dates Circa 1912-1914. Captioned - 'London Life'. Arrest of a militant suffragette 'Hustle them in and bustle them in. Scoop up the 'shrieking' mob. Who says that 'Justice' is going to win when the law takes up the job?'

Mary Evans / The March of the Women Collection

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